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Celebrate the Can Can Distribution Day March 12, 2023

Zeke Zekoff, DVM

Mar 12, 2023

Cats & Dogs in Regional Animal Shelters/Rescues can dance away with resources this Sunday

UPF has a reward for our Feline Animal Welfare Friends with a CanCan Distribution this coming

Sunday, March 12th, 2023

Noon to 2 pm at UPF Resource Center

(We have not forgotten about our Canine Friends either)

We are fortunate to have gotten in a large shipment of canned cat food this week in the Friskies Variety, with some Purina Pro Plan also available....but much more limited. See pictures below as to what came in. They are the 5.5 oz. cans with 24 to a case. Large quantities of the Friskies Stuf'd and Sauc'd variety may be available.

UPF still has significant amount of Feline Hill's Science Diet Rx dry food in for those who were not able to make it in this past Sunday's Distribution. This is Hill's SD c/d Multi with chicken (it is a prescription diet)The c/d diet, although it is a prescription diet, can be fed to most cats at the authorization of a veterinarian....DR Z authorizes our members to feed it to most cats that do not have allergies to it. It is especially useful for those cats that have or have had issues with bladder stones and crystals. Available in 8.5 lb. bags with 4 in a box.

Dog folks, we are not forgetting you. We will have dry dog food in the form of Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken and Brown Rice in 34 lb. bags. This load is arriving later this week. In addition, some mixed pallets are still available, as well as the semi-moist foods.

There are plenty of Dentastix dog treats at No Charge, with a good amount of Milk Bones that will be available at Distribution Day Prices.

Still available for now are Cat Toys from Hartz Mountain, and PetSmart Pet Beds. Don't forget about supplies available in Martha's Corner Store, as well as puppy pads from

Hartz limited on pads.


When you set up an appointment.................. FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 12th, 2023 DISTRIBUTION, FROM NOON to 2 PM+. YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE NOON ON FRIDAY, MARCH 10th, 2023.



( Be sure to state your Name, E-mail address, Phone Number you can be reached at, which Organization you are with, , and specifically what you will be looking for. It will help us if you can also give us the most recent census of the number of dogs and cats under your care when you register).

We will get back to you and set up a time to meet...BE PATIENT!


Reminder about our policy for what happens to resources once they leave the warehouse. They must be used only within the parameters of your organization and it's mission and CANNOT BE SOLD to other any fashion.


Martha Clark, who has become a legend with her Martha's Corner Store, has decided to step away from UPF. She and her husband Barry have been invaluable at UPF with Martha meeting many of you at all hours to shop at Martha's Corner Store, getting all those special items for you, organizing, organizing and more organizing, and Barry assembling all those cat trees, cages, and so many other items. Their years of dedication and time spent to help all of our members will be sorely missed, but they deserve some time off to travel and enjoy the family. For all of us at UPF, we want to thank Martha and Barry for years of hard work and dedication to serve the animal welfare community, and wish them the best.

For UPF Members, you can still shop at Martha's Corner Store on non-distribution days, and Tracy will be making arrangements to set up times that several groups can come at one time. To make a request to shop, please use the email address below, and you can also use it to ask for requests for certain items you may be looking for in your organization.

A reminder to our UPF Members that your Membership fees also entitle you to shop at OneSource in Cincinnati. Read the attached article that tells you all that is available for you. When you shop there during their normal hours of operation, you must select items that make sense to be used for an animal welfare organization purpose. Once you have selected items, you will be given an invoice, but DO NOT PAY IT. That invoice is forwarded to UPF and will invoice you for it. It is a unique set-up where UPF is the Parent Umbrella Organization for all its members, but allows you to enjoy the benefits of shopping there and using their services.



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