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Corporate Sponsors

While our UPF Resource Center represents the heart of our organization, the businesses and companies that support us are our lifeblood. UPF is a true gifts-in-kind organization, passionately committed to collecting product donations, distributing them to members and care groups in need, and making an impact on the greatest number of animals – an effort that has reached 30K+ animals so far.

If yours is a goods-based business, product philanthropy allows you to donate unwanted or idle inventory to us without having to discount or liquidate. We’re masters at trading, upcycling or repurposing all manner of articles and goods. It’s a tax-deductible, efficient, and most importantly, repeatable method for giving back.

We can also benefit from your expertise and involvement. From help with accounting and law to fundraising, board meetings and sponsorships, both our own organization and all those who come to us for help are eager for improvement, advice or your unique brand of business savvy.

Download our Information for Business Leaders for more information on how you can help.

Our Impact Partners

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For the past 10 years United Pet Fund has partnered first with Rescue Bank before it became a part of GreaterGood Charities, LLC. Their business partnerships with the major pet food and supply producers in the US has allowed them to distribute and ship millions of dollars worth of product to non-profit partners throughout the country. UPF has been fortunate to be a part of this tremendous program, and is the main supplier of resources we receive and then distribute here at UPF.

GOODS is a program of Greater Good Charities that distributes food, essential supplies, clothing, housewares, toys, and more to pets and people in need across the world. The GOODS Program has a holistic approach that helps the whole family, providing food and supplies for people and pets in need.
The increase in poverty, food insecurity, and domestic violence over the past several years has affected families, including their pets, resulting in a greater need for food and essential supplies across the globe for both people and pets alike.

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The Summit has had a close relationship with UPF since the hotel opened in 2018. Before then, there was a loving golden retriever named Maxwell, and when he passed on, his owner made a generous donation to UPF in his honor. The Summit’s owner has close ties to Maxwell, so the hotel regularly sponsors UPF events and raises and donates funds for the organization.


Since opening its doors on April 17, 2018, the hotel has become one of Cincinnati’s leading independent hotels — nourishing guests through chef-driven cuisine, thoughtful art exhibitions, and providing a space for businesses and organizations to host inspiring meetings and events.

For the past 5 years, Central Pet Distribution has regularly donated over $100,000 worth of much-needed new pet store supplies from their warehouse in Fairfield. These donations go a long way to make the lives of the dogs and cats who have yet to find their ‘furever homes’ more enjoyable. 

Central Pet Distribution’s Mission is: Lead the future of the Garden and Pet industries... one blade of grass and one wagging tail at a time. Central is comprised of a team of industry experts, united in our passion to innovate, grow and lead the industries in which we play. While we have a bold, forward-focused ambition, we win by focusing on one blade and one tail at a time. Every day counts, every initiative counts, every idea counts and every employee counts to achieve our mission.


From their plant in Old Fort, OH, the Church and Dwight Company has made many generous donations of cat litter and other pet-related products to UPF over the years. This partnership has allowed cat shelters and rescues supported by UPF to provide the best products for cat waste disposal and odor control, and allowed the monies that would normally be used to buy these products be turned around and used for much needed medical services.

Church & Dwight has a collective energy and ambition. It’s a place where you can make a real difference. We owe everything to our people. Together, we’ve spent the past century building iconic brands and providing affordable, quality products for everyday life. As we look to the future, we’re inspired by our collective passion, strength and determination to make an outsized impact.

For many years now, the Hartz Mt Pet Product company has had a great partnership with United Pet Fund…i.e. the Hartz Mt / UPF Resource Train. Their plant in Pleasant Plain, OH, produces puppy pads for stores throughout the nation. In a close relationship, we provide containers (Gaylords) to hold bags of puppy pads that don’t make it into packaging. This amounts to semi-trailer loads, and for years we have been picking them up and then distributing them to our members, and also to rescues and shelters throughout the Midwest…and even the nation (via GreaterGood). With that close relationship, Hartz Mt. works with us to get other supplies such as flea products, cat treats, and much more for us to distribute. We truly appreciate them!


In 2024, the Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation continued its generous support of UPF’s Hartz Mt. / UPF Resource Train Program with a generous grant that will allow us to ship tons of animal food and supply resources to Animal Shelter/Rescue Resource Deserts in the Tri-State area and much of the Midwest. 

The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation is a Charitable Trust established in 2004 by Elsa Heisel Sule, a native of Northern Kentucky. It is an independent philanthropic foundation that makes grants to nonprofit organizations and public agencies that have qualified charitable purposes, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, primarily in the Tri-state areas of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

Other Impact Partners

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