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TLCR; A Small but Mighty Rescue

They rescued 108 animals from a hoarder when national organizations said no. Teresa’s Legacy Continues Rescue (TLCR) absolutely lives up to their stellar reputation as a rescue and rehab organization for abused, homeless and abandoned animals. This shelter made a monumental impact in the lives of numerous pets on May 2, 2020 when they seized 108 animals from a terrible exploiter hoarder, the Trixie Foundation. When national organizations said no to bringing resolution to this horrific situation, TLCR said yes and continues to care for the survivors while still waiting to go to trial. Julie Sharp, who runs TLCR, shared this remarkable news, “In spite of the difficulties, seeing these animals thrive in their new lives has been incredibly rewarding!” While still waiting on final resolution and trial for the Trixie Foundation case, TLCR continues to make an impact locally. They specialize in beagles, hounds and pit bulls but will help any special needs dog as space and funds allow. They also tend to work on senior dogs many of the other groups cannot take on. “The food and supplies that we have gotten through UPF has been such a huge help for us. In our rural area we do not have a lot of options. We are a nonprofit with a lot of animals in our care right now. We really appreciate UPF” said Julie Sharp.

Interested in pet adoption, fostering a dog or donating to TLCR? Email or visit their facebook page at


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